Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dear Friend:
Fall is here and so is another campaign season. I am pleased to announce my candidacy for re-election as your Ward Five city councilor. For the past two years, it has been my pleasure to serve you and our ward. I am asking for your support once again on November 3rd so I can continue as your Voice for our Ward and City.
Many of you participated this week in the preliminary election to choose a new Mayor to lead or city. We may not have agreed with all the decions that Mayor Sullivan made during his tenure, but Mayor Mike deserves or gratitude and appreciation for his leadership over the last 10 years.
This election is about leadership new and old. When a poorly planned development that did not address the concerns of the neighborhood was proposed I lead the fight to defeat the proposal. We need development in our city but it must be done correctly with proper planning, community involvement and addresses the concerns of neighborhood, such was the case with the proposed Lowe’s project and I took the lead for its passage. The Lowe’s development will bring Jobs, Tax Revenue and much need traffic improvements that will be paid for by the developers.
  “As you know due to increasing overtime costs it was decided to shut down E-6 on an as needed” basis to manage the dwindling overtime budget.  It was through the swift actions of Local 1693, Councilor Brunelle and other city council members that we were able to work with Chief LaFond and Mayor Sullivan to avoid, for now, the dangerous closing of fire apparatus which would have effectively left an area of the city without adequate fire coverage. “
Mark W.Fortin                                                                                                                      President , I.A.F.F. Local 1693

Making sure that your public safety needs are met is my top priority. This is the kind of leadership that you have counted on from be as your ward five city councilor and I will continue to be a leader for our ward and city.

Once again, I am asking for your vote and support on November 3rd, 2009.
John Brunelle
Ward Five City Councilor
413-532-0627 or 413-210-6448 or

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